Global Management Services

Global Management Services

Hines has managed properties since its inception in 1957, establishing operational excellence as a core value. Approaching property and facility management from an owner’s perspective, Hines delivers unparalleled service, asset management, energy efficiency and the reduction of real estate investment risk.

Properties managed by Hines consistently outperform their competition, with better caliber tenants, higher rents, consistently superior tenant satisfaction ratings and high retention rates. It’s understandable why Hines is recognized as a leader by various management and energy-efficiency benchmarks worldwide. Today the firm manages more than 243 million square feet worldwide including assets in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Panama, Poland, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Current Asset, Property & Facility Management Portfolio

634 properties under management
243.6 million + square feet

Hines Investment Management

267 properties under management
105.3 million + square feet

Managed for Third-Parties

367 properties under management
138.2 million + square feet

Asset, Property & Facility Management Services

  • Third-Party Property and Facility Management

    Hines has the skill and knowledge to evaluate a property and create the management strategy to maximize value. Hines offers a full range of customizable services to corporate and institutional real estate owners including asset management, property management, marketing/leasing, development/redevelopment, acquisition/disposition, finance/accounting and engineering. The firm works closely with each client to identify their specific needs and create innovative solutions to reach short- and long-term investment goals. Firm principals are heavily involved in third-party management and approach each assignment or challenge with an ownership perspective.

  • Acquisition & Disposition Coordination

    Hines has purchased more than $71 billion of prime real estate since 1992. The knowledge we’ve gained through these transactions has enabled us to properly evaluate and structure our clients’ real estate transactions to meet their specific business goals. This is furthered by Hines’ evaluation of each individual property’s capital expenditure program, leasing risks, and pro forma investment returns to arrive at recommended purchase/sales price.

  • Marketing & Leasing

    Hines has a proven track record in the successful negotiation of thousands of new and renewal leases. As part of the firm’s fully integrated leasing program, it develops marketing and advertising materials and plans promotional events that showcase the property to its best advantage. The firm is also closely involved in all aspects of the leasing process from structuring and negotiating leases and brokerage agreements to coordinating closing transactions all the way to tenant move-ins. Hines understands that leasing represents the most significant area of risk and return for property owners, and has a proven ability to create and sustain leasing momentum.

  • Tenant Relations

    Hines engaged Kingsley Associates, the real estate industry’s leading independent provider of research and consulting services, to conduct our latest portfolio-wide tenant survey. According to the 2017 Kingsley Index®, which allows Hines to benchmark against other property firms, Hines compares favorably to competitors.

    This high level of tenant satisfaction manifests itself in another very significant way: tenant retention. Each year Hines calculates its performance in this critical area, and after adjusting for those tenants whose renewals Hines cannot influence (not enough space available, tenant consolidation, tenant goes out of business, tenant defaults), our tenant retention remains consistently above 90%.

  • Comprehensive Asset Analysis

    Central Operations and Engineering Services (COES)
    COES supports Hines’ onsite management teams by providing standards, guidelines and periodic assessments of property administration; risk administration; personnel management; contract services; mechanical physical facilities, preventive maintenance; energy management; equipment efficiency; water treatment; and personnel development.

    Operations and Engineering assessments are performed every two-to-five years based on a property-specific risk matrix. An assessment report is provided by the review team following the assessment, which includes an executive summary, a listing of all areas reviewed, any findings and suggested remedies. Each item reviewed either “Meets,” “Meets with Few Exceptions” or “Does Not Meet” the Hines standards for either operations or engineering. Specific action plans are developed for areas that do not meet expectations.

  • Preventive Maintenance

    As Hines developed a portfolio of world-class structures, it also developed a sophisticated preventive maintenance program to protect its assets. Today, our third-party clients benefit from this program via building equipment exceeding the industries expected life cycle, optimal energy management and minimal unplanned shutdowns.

  • Energy Management

    Hines’ engineering philosophy is to constantly strive for greater energy efficiency without sacrificing Class-A service. We provide guidance on effective management of building control systems, understanding of usage patterns and participation in energy rating programs, yielding more than 148 ENERGY STAR® labels for its managed properties. Hines was named ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year three years running, from 2001-2003. In 2004, Hines became the first real estate firm ever to be recognized with the Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence Award. And, in 2009-2021, Hines was recognized with the ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence Award.

  • Operating Cost Management

    Economies of scale are captured through pricing agreements that are negotiated by Hines Corporate Operations with national vendors to reduce property operating costs while maintaining established Hines quality standards. Updated annually, the preferred pricing available to Hines properties assures savings for services and supplies of approved quality. In conjunction with our national programs, local management teams are focused on cost-saving measures and internal programs to minimize costs, while still providing superior asset protection and tenant satisfaction. Some examples include a robust utility management operations and reduction standard, chiller performance testing, energy tracking and consistent re-bidding of service contracts.

  • Building Commissioning

    Hines property management experts are brought in during the early planning stages to ensure that each building is designed and built to be operated at peak efficiency. As a project nears completion, these experts work with the designers, contractor and Hines’ construction team to monitor the testing, balancing and commissioning of building systems to confirm their readiness for operation and initial occupancy. The critical closeout phase is tightly managed to deliver all documents, drawings, O&M manuals and warranties for a complete asset data room.


    The term retro-commissioning is best described as inspecting building equipment that uses significant energy, reviewing the past history of that equipment and setting in place a re-commissioning program that returns the equipment back to the manufacturers’ originally intended operating parameters. Hines can develop a retro-commissioning plan specifically for each asset’s major energy-usage components, including an in-depth analysis of the building’s operating infrastructure to determine potential deficiencies and, once identified, harvesting those energy savings.

  • Project Redevelopment

    Hines has extensive experience in modernizing and repositioning existing buildings. Such redevelopment is a collaboration of the Hines regional project, construction and property management teams, the Conceptual Construction Group and COES. These Hines resources transform underperforming assets into Class-A projects.

  • Construction Management

    Hines’ local construction management teams work alongside the Conceptual Construction Group throughout the entire design and contracting process. This gives them a unique insight into the nuances of the design and construction contracts, resulting in a smooth transition for a highly detailed, hands-on management of construction execution. Hines’ construction managers are experts in ensuring that each project is built on time, in budget and meets the highest standard of quality.

  • Capital Expenditure Forecasting

    Accurate, timely and strategic capital expenditure forecasting is essential to asset positioning, ownership cash flow projections and planning for future operations. Through ongoing assessments, Hines’ Asset and Property Management teams ensure that each component is operating as efficiently as possible and that each property’s aesthetics and function are meeting ownership goals. When these items can no longer meet agreed-upon standards, Hines forecasts capital expenditures by engaging internal resources including our construction and development teams, Hines Central Operations and Engineering Services, and the Hines Conceptual Construction Group, as well as a vast external network of contractors, architects, consultants and professional engineers. Each year, during the annual plan process, the Hines team presents to ownership a comprehensive, multi-year plan outlining recommended capital investments and proposed timing, incorporating approved projects in to the annual budget and cash flow projections.

  • Benchmarking and Market Analysis

    Hines benchmarks all proposed new projects against competing projects in the market, with an in-depth understanding of the local environment and of those meaningful features that will differentiate the project from its competition. This process allows Hines to develop the most successful project for that specific market, in line with the client’s and investor’s objectives.

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