Investing Worldwide

Investing Worldwide

Put the power of global real estate in your portfolio.
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Hines is a privately owned global real estate investment, development and management firm founded in 1957. Today, Hines is one of the largest real estate investment managers in the world.

Hines is the sponsor for offerings such as Hines Global Income Trust, a public, non-traded real estate investment trust available to qualified individual investors through participating financial professionals.

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Hines doesn’t just buy real estate, it can grow its value.

Hines has decades of expe­ri­ence devel­op­ing, upgrad­ing and man­ag­ing prop­er­ties with award-win­ning excel­lence, which sets the firm apart in its abil­i­ty to add val­ue to its investments.

Our Vision

To be the best real estate investor, partner and manager in the world.

Jeffrey C. Hines, Chairman & CEO, Hines