Clayton Ulrich

Global Sustainability Officer & Senior Vice President - Management Services   /  Houston, TX

Photo of Clayton Ulrich

Clayton is the firm’s Senior Vice President, Corporate Operations and Engineering Services and also serves as Global Sustainability Officer. He is Hines' senior engineering officer focused on providing visionary leadership and strategic direction for Hines’ 1,500 property management and engineering employees in optimizing performance and minimizing risk for the assets Hines manages. Clayton is responsible for the firm's industry-leading standards in operations and maintenance, environmental policy, equipment efficiency, energy management and engineering employee development. His experience with building operations, technologies, equipment, components and systems is instrumental in executing his engineering leadership and site support responsibilities.

He obtained his LEED® AP designation in 2002 and has assessed the performance of thousands of assets in his more than 40-year career dedicated to maximizing the operations and maintenance of commercial real estate.

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