EXP by Hines

Rethinking the Boundaries of Real Estate

Today's marketplace demands a perspective that pushes beyond the traditional boundaries of real estate to respond to the disruptions facing our industry and our environment. EXP by Hines exists to expand our capabilities, explore untapped possibilities, and drive exponential outcomes designed to help transform our industry into a sustainable world.

We capture the most innovative ideas that combine client-service, culture, and environmental stewardship to create more inclusive, accessible communities that connect the built environment to a higher purpose. It's a vision of the future that's far bigger than buildings.

Our Organization Delivers

EXP by Hines harnesses the power of two functions under one vision - Our Global Venture Lab and our Global ESG team - partnering to discover, design and deliver innovative ventures, partnerships and human-centric solutions.

Our Global Venture Lab is a dedicated team exclusively focused on curating solutions to the disruptive changes impacting real estate via select partnerships and investments.

Our Global ESG team is changing how we build and operate for a better future. We seek to create long-term value by reducing the environmental footprint of our business, by connecting our clients to the industry’s most advanced, effective carbon reduction strategies, and by delivering workable, real-world solutions for generations.

Global Venture Lab

The difference we bring lies in the unity of our Global Venture Lab and Global ESG divisions both set on unlocking industry-changing innovations and addressing critical sustainability imperatives that benefit the clients and communities we serve.

Global ESG


We have assembled a dedicated, experienced leadership team to build this business through bold discovery with financial discipline.

If you're interested in partnering with EXP by Hines, reach out to:


Doug Holte

CEO, EXP by Hines / Los Angeles, CA


Kathryn Scheckel

Head, Global Venture Lab / New York, NY


Peter Epping

Head, Global ESG / New York, NY