2022 Global Outlook: A deeper dive into location in the context of our investments

2022 Global Outlook: A deeper dive into location in the context of our investments

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2022 Global Outlook: Targeting Winning Locations

Is the mantra of 'location, location, location' true over long-term investment horizons that may span multiple cycles?

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Location, Sustainability & Placemaking Big 2022 Themes

As we consider investment strategies for 2022 and beyond, Hines' latest Global Real Estate Outlook illustrates the lasting power of the familiar "location, location, location." When even small differences in submarket dynamics can have a big long-term impact, the most successful opportunities arise from detailed market information and hyper-local expertise from "boots on the ground."

Likewise, it's no surprise that environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns are coming to the forefront in many parts of the world. Increasingly, local governments, investors and developers alike are seeking real estate approaches to conserve resources and equitably enhance local communities. In fact, investors worldwide are beginning to recognize that without investment in ESG, they may face liquidity issues in the future, when it comes time to sell any given property.

Sustainability dovetails with a trend toward placemaking and mixed-use developments. Asset classes are blurring as people work at home and play where they work. Rather than simply investing in well-functioning buildings, our industry is transforming buildings into sustainable destinations that contribute to better life experiences for community residents, workers, and visitors. As we do so, we are often forging innovative public-private partnerships with local governments and civic leadership to help solve pressing urban challenges to contribute even more to the fabric of the communities where we invest.

While every region is different, a few things remain the same: successful investments are based on intelligent decision-making at the asset level, by people who understand the fabric of their communities.

To learn more about how asset-level intelligent real estate decision-making is driving our local investments, we invite you to experience these local stories, via 17 videos from Hines country leaders.



In Brazil placemaking has become a differentiator for large-scale developments in cities like Sao Paulo, enhanced by the subway system expansion and new bike lanes


Public-private partnerships are driving major placemaking initiatives in Canada to create vibrant live-work-play communities.


Unique ESG requirements in Mexico City shape projects like the LEED Gold-certified Corporativo Neuchatel, with its unique rainwater capture system and other sustainable features.

United States

Population shifts and changing consumer preferences are driving development of sustainable timber-frame offices and dynamic live-work-play communities, often replacing obsolete buildings.



Economic uncertainty created by the pandemic is inspiring future-focused investors and developers to adapt properties to new ways of living and working.


ESG and social impact converge in Germany in sustainable communities like an inclusive apartment complex with a music room, beehives, an urban garden and more.


Athens is known for its historic landmarks, but the city’s dazzling coastline, temperate weather and culture offer the potential for spectacular multifamily development and placemaking.


Ireland is the home of one of the most environmentally sustainable master-planned communities in the European region, offering 25,000 residents pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use urban living.


Italy’s largest urban redevelopment project is transforming a 1.5 million-square-meter industrial area into a sustainable, inclusive live-work-play community.

The Netherlands

A chronic housing shortage is creating residential investment opportunities in The Netherlands, including conversions of well-located older industrial stock into sustainable housing.

The Nordics

Denmark’s Ventrupparken logistics park illustrates how the right asset in the right location can become a magnet for international tenants seeking access to the world’s longest rail and highway tunnel.


In the right location, a vacant, aging manufacturing facility can be transformed into a state-of-the-art distribution facility that benefits the local community.


Spain's economic recovery is at a turning point, creating new opportunities to transform well-located buildings into environmentally sustainable live-work-play spaces.

United Kingdom

Renting, rather than buying, a home has gained greater acceptance in the United Kingdom, creating growing demand for purpose-built single-family and multifamily rental properties.

Asia Pacific


A prime location on Melbourne’s most prominent thoroughfare was ideal for a timber-framed office building designed for modern working, health and wellness—and environmental sustainability.

Greater China

Investors and developers are bringing critical infrastructure to China, including state-of-the-art cold storage facilities in prime locations such as Dongguan’s Shatian District.


Placemaking is more important than ever in India, where premium-quality, mixed-use developments like 1 Horizon Center secure rents at almost double the prevailing market rate.