Hines Releases Comprehensive Sustainability Report 3.0

(HOUSTON) – Hines, the privately held international real estate firm, announced today the release of the firm’s third-ever Sustainability Report.

The comprehensive annual report, which can be viewed at http://hinessustainability.com/, provides a detailed review of Hines’ environmental, social and governance performance, compiled in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

The new report expands the platform from which we can continue to evaluate our progress and asks questions like: What’s next for sustainability in the built environment? How can we make advancements toward sustainability on a greater scale? What new breakthroughs are needed in technology and renewable energy? What is the next generation of green?

“When we made the decision three years ago to publish a sustainability report, we wanted it to be comprehensive, yet approachable, documenting how far we, and the industry, had come and laying out the challenges ahead,” said Gary Holtzer, Hines senior managing director and global sustainability officer. “We should all celebrate the advancements in sustainability, yet still be humbled by the enormous tasks that our industry faces.”

“As we publish this third sustainability report, I am proud to say that, for more than half a century, Hines has championed sustainable practices and technologies, proving time and again, that a sustainable approach to real estate makes good business sense and creates better places for people,” said Hines President and CEO Jeff Hines.

Hines has long been a leader in sustainable design and in promoting sustainability programs around the world. The firm partners with multiple institutions to identify best-operating practices and cutting-edge technologies in order to stay in the forefront of building operations, including: ENERGY STAR®; ULI Greenprint Center for Building Performance; and the USGBC.

Internationally, Hines was a founding member of the German Sustainable Building Council and the Russian Green Building Council, and is active in the Green Building Council Brasil, the Green Building Council España, the Green Building Council Italia, the Indian Green Building Council, the BRE Environmental Assessment Method program in the United Kingdom and the Haute Qualité Environnementale program in France.

As of December 31, 2013, Hines has 390 green-certified buildings worldwide; including 163 ENERGY STAR-labeled buildings and 201 LEED® certified or registered assets.

Hines is a privately owned real estate firm involved in real estate investment, development and property management worldwide. The firm’s historical and current portfolio of projects that are underway, completed, acquired and managed for third parties includes 1,317 properties representing more than 541 million square feet of office, residential, mixed-use, industrial, hotel, medical and sports facilities, as well as large, master-planned communities and land developments. Currently, Hines manages 391 properties totaling 161 million square feet, which includes 89.1 million square feet for third parties. With offices in 115 cities in 18 countries, and controlled assets valued at approximately $28.2 billion, Hines is one of the largest real estate organizations in the world. Visit www.hines.com for more information.