People are our Most Important Asset

Since the founding of Hines, we have believed that our successful growth to the scale of a global company was linked to the principle that “people are our most valuable asset.” This is truer today than ever. Hines’ success as a firm, and the progress we have made in the world of sustainability, is the result of the work, dedication and commitment of Hines employees. Our people are the ones to deliver on this commitment in the work they do every day.

This is why our people are also our best ambassadors for sustainability at Hines. Sustainability means something different in each of the 19 countries—and 199 cities—where we actively develop real estate and manage properties around the world. While sustainability is clearly a global issue, we need to imagine new solutions locally so that we can address issues that are most important to the regions in which we operate.

We celebrate the individuals who are leading the way for sustainability in their regions, in their offices and properties, and within their communities. We do this in part to express our gratitude for the progress made and to report to you what we have accomplished. We also hope that it makes clear our belief that each individual can, in their own way, advance the cause of sustainability worldwide. These employees are the social agents for change helping to advance sustainability in their city or town—but their collective efforts are global.

We can continue to learn from each other and, together, aim for ever higher standards of excellence.