Kleiner Kronprinzbau
Kleiner Kronprinzbau

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About Kleiner Kronprinzbau

In 2016, Hines and the ├ärzteversorgung Westfalen-Lippe (├äVWL) acquired Kronprinzbau 2, a 86,574-square-foot property in Stuttgart, Germany for a long-term portfolio. The mixed-use property is located in the immediate vicinity of StuttgartÔÇÖs main shopping street and promenade K├Ânigstra├če and the suburban train station Stadtmitte.
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  • Kronprinzstra├če 8, Stuttgart, Germany


  • Located in the immediate vicinity of Stuttgart?s main shopping street

Building Details

  • 86,574 square feet

Major Tenants

  • LBBW