Parque LogĂ­stico
Parque LogĂ­stico
Parque LogĂ­stico

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About Parque LogĂ­stico

Parque Logistico is the result of a partnership between Hines and Grupo Valoran, a leading San Luis Potosí developer. This world-class industrial park includes Interpuerto, an on-site intermodal facility and customs operation which will be able to accommodate both manufacturing and warehousing/distribution operations in the Park’s well-planned layout. Intermodal facilities, like Interpuerto, are land-based container terminals that allow for the quick and efficient transfer between road and rail transportation networks.

This state-of-the-art industrial and logistics park is located on Eje 140 bordered by Mexico’s most important trade route, Highway 57 (the NAFTA Highway) on the east and the principle north-south railway connecting the U.S. with Mexico on the west.

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  • Av. Central No. 87 Parque Logistico, Eje 140 No. 365, San Luis PotosĂ­, Mexico


  • San Luis Potos? is located on a 1,236- acre) reserve on the south end of San Luis Potos?'s industrial corridor


  • Certificado de Industrial Limpia (Certificate of Clean Industry)