S├╝dkreuz I
S├╝dkreuz I
S├╝dkreuz I
S├╝dkreuz I

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About S├╝dkreuz I

Suedkreuz I is a 198,304-square-foot development that includes 664 apartment units with 588,506 square feet divided in rental apartments, microapartments and social uses.

Located in Berlin's inner-city district of Schoeneberg, Suedkreuz offers convenient access to the area's neighboring train station. Amenities include a caf├ę, library, fitness center, urban rooftop, pavilion, bike and car sharing, co-working space and a child care center.

Construction was completed in 2020.

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  • Gotenstra├če 52-53 and Quartiersweg 1-9, Berlin, Germany


  • Sch?neberg


  • Fuchshuber Architekten

Building Details

  • 198,304 square feet
  • 7 floors


  • 2021 Immobilienmanager Award for Digitization- Suedkreuz Team