Our Comprehensive Guide to Return to the Office

When You’re Ready, We’re Ready.

A Letter from our Chairman & CEO

For more than six decades, Hines has demonstrated that what makes buildings successful is their ability to provide a healthy, productive environment in which businesses can achieve their goals.

Founded by Gerald D. Hines, a mechanical engineer, the firm was among the first to adopt its own stringent Indoor Air Quality programs and has consistently been at the forefront of superior operations, leading in most certification programs globally. Hines recently announced a partnership with Well Living Lab, Delos and the Mayo Clinic to research cutting-edge tactics to reduce viral spread in the built environment.

With activities across five continents, including Asia, Hines’ actions are informed by the progression of COVID-19 and its effects on property procedures. Through early activation of our Pandemic Preparedness Plan and global sharing of best practices, Hines leverages a robust, multifaceted playbook to operate each property based on its unique features and the needs of its tenants, but with overarching principles to promote the health and safety of tenants, workers and visitors including:

  • Enhanced sanitation protocols overall, with tactics for high-frequency touchpoints
  • Common area social distancing strategies supported by graphic reminders to follow protocols
  • New elevator procedures to manage ingress and egress and limit rider capacity
  • PPE for building employees including protective masks for anyone servicing a tenant space
  • Support of personal hygiene with readily available hand sanitizer
  • Enhanced building-wide communication with prompt case reporting to tenant contacts
  • Collaboration with tenants on lease space best practices and employee-specific strategies

As we embrace the new normal, the strength of our client relationships has never been more meaningful. We ask you to continue to bond in partnership with us, as we work together as a community to stop the spread of the virus: and germs in general. While this experience has been a wakeup call for society, we will emerge a safer world if we all work together on this journey.

Our teams around the world look forward to welcoming you back to the workplace.

Achieving “The Great Return”

Practical steps for office owners, operators and corporate occupiers

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A Clean and Conscious Journey


    • Provided comprehensive cleaning and disinfection as needed to maintain building readiness
    • Monitored and maintained each property’s indoor air quality profile
    • Operated all plumbing fixtures to maintain water quality
    • Strategically installed hand sanitizer stations throughout the common areas
    • Installed signage that provides social distancing guidance and/or instructions
    • Continued to maintain Fire Life Safety procedures including planning for fire drills with social distancing measures in place


    • If arriving by public transit, remember to hand sanitize before you reach the building
    • Utilize contactless entry and proximity readers at garage entrances
    • If masks are mandated, please secure your mask before entering the building
    • In some cases, property management will conduct health and temperature screenings
    • Be mindful of social distancing guidelines in common areas, elevators, stairwells and pathways
    • Use hands as little as possible when opening doors
    • Security team members and building personnel will be wearing PPE for added protection
    • Lobby furniture may be removed or reconfigured to support social distancing and limit common area congregation. Some amenities may be temporarily closed or reconfigured.
    • Pay attention to signage for important reminders


    • Utilize hand sanitizer stations
    • Know that elevator call buttons will be sanitized on a frequent basis
    • Follow reduced queuing etiquette and elevator occupancy guidelines
    • Respect your building-specific protocol as noted on signage or directed by building staff
    • Be patient if you experience delays, but know you are supporting better health for all during this period
    • Once you arrive on your floor, use hands as little as possible when opening doors


    • Know that enhanced cleaning protocols have been activated on your floor, including restrooms
    • Continue to wear masks, if mandated
    • Respect social distancing guidelines while navigating your suite with co-workers
    • Utilize video conferencing to limit in-person meetings
    • Adhere to new conference room seating limits and disinfect table and equipment before and after every meeting
    • Respect your suite-specific protocols such as one-way traffic flows
    • Be mindful of congregating in common areas, kitchens and collaborative spaces
    • Limit visitors and guests, if possible
    • Clean your personal workspace with disinfecting wipes frequently


    • Enhanced disinfection standards remain in place
    • Hand-sanitizer stations will be available at strategic touchpoints
    • We maintain stringent air quality standards including increasing fresh outside air and exhaust throughout the building, which improves ventilation
    • Signage and graphics are placed to assist in maintaining physical distance and pedestrian traffic direction
    • Property management will continue to follow established case reporting and communication protocols
    • When open, our conference centers, common areas, amenities and coworking space will operate at reduced capacities or with revised configurations to respect social distancing guidelines
    • As always, we will stay closely partnered with our tenants, guests and vendors


    • Be mindful of your own and others’ wellbeing
    • If you have any symptoms, even mild, stay home
    • Wash or sanitize your hands frequently
    • Clean your immediate work area frequently
    • Wear masks if mandated
    • Be aware of your own and others’ personal space
    • Pay attention to signage and follow procedures
    • Be kind and exercise empathy as we navigate this new normal together
    • Do not shake hands, instead, wave.
    • Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or sleeve. Do not use your hands.
    • Do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands


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