We make operating properties our core business, so that you can focus on your business
Tackle infection risk in your office

A major force behind the firm’s pioneering building management service is our engineering & operations expertise. We operate properties with a mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) approach. Our senior leaders are some of the most tenured in the industry, averaging 23 years of service with Hines. Their dedicated focus and drive for innovation allows our teams to quickly spot operational pains and productivity gains.

We’re performance-minded and detect issues early to minimize or eliminate impact on people and reduce capital expense across the lifecycles of your building systems. We also stay ahead of industry trends and related government regulations, with an additional focus on mitigating risk and cost savings.

Our longstanding environmental commitment and operational expertise is woven throughout our decision-making every day.

Our philosophy is to constantly strive for greater energy efficiency without sacrificing service. We provide guidance on effective management of building control systems, understanding of usage patterns and participation in energy rating programs.

Hines has long utilized building certifications to help set efficiency goals and benchmark success on a project basis and firmwide. In the U.S., Hines collaborated with USGBC to formalize the energy-efficiency standards we’d set forth in our own buildings, helping to create what is now the LEED certification program. We also became the first international and privately held real estate company to commit to ENERGY STAR, a program Hines also helped to develop.

Operating Cost Management

Our management and engineering teams maintain below-average operating costs. You gain economies of scale through our preferred pricing relationships with national vendors that help reduce property operating costs while maintaining our established quality standards.

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