Our plan in action: HEVF2 invests in carbon reduction and community at aer

Our plan in action: HEVF2 invests in carbon reduction and community at aer

In 2020, Hines European Value Fund 2 (HEVF2) acquired Fritz9 in Neuperlach, a Munich-area submarket that has become home to several clean-energy businesses. The site, which currently has two buildings, is adjacent to a multi-modal transport hub, and the Hines team saw multiple opportunities for value creation through rezoning, refurbishment, and re-leasing at the site.

The vision is an innovative, multi-use office campus that is connected to the city and appeals to business tenants and young professionals. Hines is pursuing a new zoning plan for one of the buildings to move it from 100% commercial to office and residential. We aim to refurbish and transform the second building on the site into aer, an efficient, high-quality office.

The project team is prioritizing several key ESG initiatives that are in line with HEVF2 fund strategy including: refurbishment and use of recycled materials when possible; utilizing timber and hybrid construction to reduce embodied carbon; use of geothermal energy and ecological electricity to optimize everyday operations; and implementing interior greenery, as part of the design aesthetic and to naturally enhance air quality and occupant wellbeing.

When the refurbishment is complete in 2023, aer aspires to achieve net zero operations. The building will be "smart ready," equipped with smart-metering sensors throughout, and a proprietary app developed by Hines Germany will enable tenants to measure and manage their energy consumption. The project is aiming for German Sustainable Building Council Gold, WiredScore Platinum and SmartScore certification, as well.


Case Study is for illustrative purposes, and there is no guarantee that future investments will achieve the same results.