Hines Asia Property Partners - HAPP

Hines Asia Property Partners (HAPP)

A vertically integrated platform for Alpha-generation and superior risk-adjusted returns

Hines Asia Property Partners ("HAPP" or the "Fund") is a diversified open-ended real estate vehicle seeking 9-11% target net total returns 1 for investment partners. HAPP fund managers utilize an operator-led value creation strategy, with off-market sourcing and a Develop to Core strategy.

As of Q2 2022. Includes deals under exclusivity and total project cost for developments. Investment under exclusivity is the subject of a signed purchase and sale agreement or letter of intent which grants HAPP the right to transact at the agreed upon price or a letter of intent. HAPP is not contractually obligated to move forward with transactions under exclusivity and no non-refundable deposits have been paid. HAPP’s commitment to invest is subject to satisfactory diligence, market conditions, and final Investment Committee approval. There can be no assurance that the fund will acquire investments in a timely manner or at all.

Property Gross Asset Value by Country and Sector as of August 2022

50 Ann Street in Brisbane, Australia
Caption 50 Ann Street in Brisbane, Australia

Why Invest with Hines Asia Property Partners?

Sponsored by Hines, with your investment goals in mind.

Skilled Local Insights

Proprietary methodologies for evaluating real estate investments to guide markets, sectors, and timing; thematic investing driven by deep insights of local markets which allows Hines to synthesize top-down trends with bottom-up insights.

Alpha Creation Platform

Vertically integrated platform with 236 investment professionals across 12 offices in Asia (as of Q4 2021). Value creation by leveraging Hines operating expertise to buy, manage, refurbish and build-to-core

Next-Generation Asset Creation

Measure an asset's ability to meet next-generation demand on a spectrum, rather than through a binary decision enhanced property value through modern specifications, superior amenities and activated common areas.

1 The target returns are based on models, estimates and assumptions about performance believed to be reasonable under the circumstances. Target returns are not intended to be viewed as indicators of likely performance returns but rather to provide general insight into the Fund's objectives, risk profile and strategy. There can be no assurance that target returns will be met with respect to any investment or the Fund in general. Actual returns may differ materially from target returns. The use of leverage may magnify the opportunities for gain and the risk of loss.