T3: Timber, Transit, Technology

T3, our building model for positive change, blends the inspiring, natural feel of timber spaces with the exceptional efficiency and cutting-edge technology of our best-in-class buildings.

Our T3 Experience

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Timber Buildings with a Conscience

T3 brings environmental and social sustainability to the workplace in a sophisticated, elegant way. Made with rapidly renewable, sustainably sourced timber, T3 buildings are clean and quick to construct and poised to meet global climate goals.

T3's natural wood interior, paired with wellness-inspired amenities and an exceptional technology platform, creates a unique work environment that fosters productivity and sparks innovation. T3’s exceptional amenities prioritize health and well-being, and the natural wood interior and bright, inspiring spaces help people feel – and do – their best.

High Tech. Lower Footprint

Timber is one of our planet's most rapidly renewable resources. It also stores carbon rather than emitting it. By leveraging timber for both structure and interior, our T3 buildings address bold carbon commitments and ESG goals. The responsibly produced timber used for T3 is less energy intensive to extract and process, cleaner and quicker to build with, and produces less waste than concrete and steel. It is recyclable, biodegradable, and nontoxic – and it is more fire-resistant than traditional building materials.